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about Studio SPOT

SPOT Music Production Studio

Sound and music – this is the last step to be taken on the way to the perfect audiovisual project. We know how important it is for the final product, which is why we try to fascinate each client with our love for the perfect and unique sound. It is already at the stage of initial works that we discuss with the director the vision of the sound design, looking for a unique expression. So that the end result enchants not only audience but also the creators themselves.

Modern technology and safety – these are the two elements that also certify our success. In addition, our own library of effects, of lectors, a music library, 5.1 control rooms and a cinema room – creating the original top-class sound is our main and only goal.

But Studio SPOT primarily stands for talented and friendly people. Each of us deals with our field of sound post production with full professionalism and passion, and close cooperation allows us to stay in constant contact at every stage of work. It is also thanks to this that the final sound which we prepare for the projects entrusted to us is so coherent and full of inner expression.

our history

  • 1999

    studio in Cracow starts to exist

  • 2003

    Studio SPOT invades Warsaw

  • 2010

    the conquer of Warsaw takes shape – we move to Radosna street

  • 2010

    Łukasz Targosz receives an award for music composed for a film “Marked” during the RomaFictionFest

  • 2013

    Studio SPOT at BadiBadi’s headquarters in Wilanowska street

  • 2014

    we establish the Aeroplan brand

  • 2015

    Łukasz Targosz receives an award for music for “The Last Waltz” at the Los Angeles Cinema Festival of Hollywood

  • 2015

    Łukasz Targosz receives the MocArt Award RMF Classic Radio for the music composed for the series “Wataha”

  • 2017

    Maciej Pawłowski receives the award for sound for the film “Beyond Words” at the Polish Film Festival in Gdynia

  • 2018

    Studio SPOT at the Propeller Film headquarters in Zaniemyska street

  • 2018

    Łukasz Targosz is nominated for the Eagle (Polish Film Award) in the category “Best Music” for the film “Moomins and the Winter Wonderland” and is almost nominated for an Oscar

  • 2018

    Maciej Pawłowski receives the award for sound for the film “Cold War” at the Polish Film Festival in Gdynia

  • 2019

    Łukasz Targosz receives the European Cinematography Award for the best music for the film “Atlas”

  • 2019

    Maciej Pawłowski receives the Eagle Award (Polish Film Award) for sound to the film “Cold War”

  • 2020

    Maciej Pawłowski receives the Eagle Award (Polish Film Award) for the sound to the film “Ikar. the Legend of Mietek Kosz”

  • 2021
    Łukasz Targosz receives Fryderyk Award for music composed for series entitled „Wataha”



original sounds in our database

let’s say


coffees we drank while working on the best sound

more than


musical arrangements

more or less


desserts eaten by our clients during project approval meetings


Full sound post-production

(cinema, TV and advertising productions)
  • Sound editing
  • Dialogue editing and ADR recording
  • Original foley recording
  • Mixing and mastering
  • Re-recording in 5.1 system
  • Dolby E-coding
  • M&E


a) Music composed

  • original
  • to specific musical references
  • according to the client’s brief

b) Songs (along with lyrics’ writing)

c) Music from stock

  • selecting music according to the client’s brief
  • obtaining rights to given performances

Music Production

  • TV programs
  • Concerts
  • Original arrangements
  • Instrumental recordings
  • Vocal recordings

Additionally we provide

  • Extensive voice bank of Polish and foreign lectors (casting and assistance in financial negotiations)
  • Two 5.1 control rooms
  • A cinema screening room for re-recording in 5.1 system
  • Own, systematically expanded library of sound effects of about 8TB
  • Sound effect recording studios
  • Own music library
  • Fully equipped studio in Cracow with professional on-site sound engineers, experienced in both film and advertising projects

Are you looking for the perfect sound expression for your production
and / or truly unique musical notes?