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Our team consists of enthusiasts and professionals fully devoted to various fields of sound

Łukasz Targosz

co-owner, composer, music and film producer

He can boast of over 60 soundtracks for various cinematic projects – to begin with art house and end with animation and blockbusters. He wrote music for such last productions as: Wataha, Pitbull. Tough women, Botoxx, Moomins and the Winter Wonderland, The Pact, Letters to St. Nicholas. 3.

He won many awards at Polish and foreign festivals. Music composed for Moomins and the Winter Wonderland was almost nominated for an Oscar and was nominated for the Polish Film Awards: Eagles and MocArt.

Maciej Pawłowski M.P.S.E.

co-owner, musician, sound supervisor, sound editor

He supervises sound post-production in fictional and documentary projects, both cinema and television, and specializes in multi-channel music and sound mixes.

He is the winner of two Eagles (Polish Film Award) in the category: Best Sound for the films Icarus. The Legend of Mietek Kosz and Cold War, and two awards for sound at the Polish Film Festival in Gdynia for the movies Cold War and Beyond Words.

Robert Docew

co-owner, musician, sound director, music producer

He specializes in sound post-production in the field of fictional series and animations.

He also supervises music productions for television programs, concerts, and phonographic recordings.

Magda Mitoń

managing director, music producer, singer, voiceover

Dorota Rybka

advertising post-production manager

Jacek Tarkowski

musician, arranger, conductor, sound engineer

Jacek Rychły

sound engineer, sound designer, musician

Ula Pacholczuk

studio in Warsaw

muzyczne studio produkcyjne spot s.c.

łukasz targosz, maciej pawłowski, robert docew
budziszyńska 1, 31-619 cracow
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muzyczne studio produkcyjne spot s.c.

łukasz targosz, maciej pawłowski, robert docew
ul. budziszyńska 1, 31-619 kraków
nip: 678-27-16-186
regon: 357018302

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